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Technological Design Studios is a group of world renowned
acoustician's from around the globe who combine resources to work with
some of the finest architects of our time.  As a team, the joint venture
approach allows us to provide an unmatched level of service.  We have in
depth knowledge of interior acoustics, noise and vibration control and
electro-acoustics to make your project world class.

Technological Design Studios is proud to enter its
30th year in providing
clients around the world with state of the art interior acoustic and noise
control designs. TDS focuses on providing its clients with solutions that
blend and enhance the visual aesthetics created by the architect.  TDS
creates aural environments for broadcast, professional recording,
performance, theatrical, worship, educational, public gathering, as well as
corporate spaces.
TDS Partners
White Eagle Hall - Jersey City, NJ
Acoustic and noise isolation renovation of this historic structure.  When
complete, the venue will support live music, theatrical productions and
other cultural events.

Civic Theater - New Orleans, LA
Acoustic renovation of the oldest theater in New Orleans.  TDS provided
acoustic modeling and design to allow the former vaudeville hall to function
effectively as a live performance venue.

Casa de Dios - Guatemala City, Guatemala
TDS provided acoustic testing and remediation design to correct
deficiencies resulting in excessive echo in the 12,000 seat auditorium.

The Hive - Sandpoint, ID
Acoustic design of a 1000 seat live performance venue.

Johns Hopkins Hospital - Baltimore, MD
Long term remote noise monitoring of 10 locations throughout ultrasound
areas and adjacent construction areas to identify potential noise impacts.

Rough Trade - Brooklyn, NY
Interior acoustic and isolation design of live performance venue.  Based on
the concept of using steel shipping containers making up the upstage, side
and rear walls of the venue.  Acoustic considerations are challenging to
preserve the aesthetic and provide a comfortable listening environment for
the performers and audience.

Rock & Roll Playhouse - Brooklyn, NY
Interior acoustic and isolation design of live performance venue and music
school with project studio spaces.

Capitol Theater - Port Chester, NY
Interior acoustic design/renovation of the 1927 historic theater space.  
Janice Joplin, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful
Dead and Led Zeppelin once graced this stage.  The new Capitol Theater
is once again drawing many A-list bands and garnering rave revues.

Samsung World Headquarters - Seoul, South Korea
Interior acoustic and noise isolation design of Chairman's performance hall
and conference rooms.  Spaces had to meet stringent isolation and
listening requirements.  Both halls have advanced surround audio systems.

Southland Christian Church - Lexington, Kentucky, USA
2800 seat worship space interior acoustic and isolation design.

New York Avenue Presbyterian Church - Washington, D.C., USA
Acoustic renovation design of national historic church

Union Transfer - Philadelphia, PA, USA
Acoustic design of large live rock/pop venue