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Technological Design Studios

TDS is a group of acoustic engineers from
the U.S.A., South Korea and The Netherlands.  
As a team, the joint venture approach
allows TDS to provide an unmatched
level of service.  We have in depth
knowledge of measurement techniques,
building acoustics, noise and vibration
control, construction methods and electronic
3D environment design to make your project
sound world class.

TDS is proud to enter its
33rd year in
providing clients around the world with state
of the art interior acoustic and noise control designs. TDS focuses on providing its clients with solutions that blend and enhance the
visual aesthetics created by the architect.  

TDS creates interior aural environments for broadcast, professional recording, live performance, theatrical, contemporary worship,
educational, public gathering, as well as corporate spaces.

Noise control can be a complex issue in commercial construction.  TDS has the experience to analyze the existing or proposed
structure from foundation to roof  determining the most cost effective solutions to meet client or community noise code requirements.
Acoustic and Noise Control Engineers
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