Acoustics surrounds us in our daily lives.  We experience good and bad acoustic environments at home, work and
while out in the community. It used to be that acoustics were not considered until after a client complained. Today's
clients and architects are much more aware of poor acoustics and extraneous noise. Further; federal, state and
local code ordinances can limit the noise of which we are exposed.  

TDS strives to design acoustic environments that are comfortable to relax, work and be entertained in while
maintaining a beautiful visual aesthetic.  Today we have acoustic materials that can blend and disappear into
architectural designs or create their own visual statement.  TDS allows the architect to design a visual captivating
environment that will function as expected...  Every time.

TDS offers multi-channel
or binaural room auralizations that allow the
client to 'hear' how the room will sound even before construction begins.

Architectural Acoustics
Noise Control
Environmental Acoustics
Industrial Acoustics
Vibration Analysis
TDS uses advanced computer modeling and prediction tools.  What sets TDS apart from other acoustic engineering firms is our experience
with real world construction methods.  We listen to what the owner expectations are and provide solutions to meet them.


  • CATT Acoustic
  • OTL Suite
  • IRIS

Acoustic and Noise Control Engineers