Acoustic Field Testing Services

Some of the acoustic and vibration testing services
provided by Technological Design Studios include:

SCIF Room Acoustic Testing Services
(Sound Group III & IV)

Community Noise Mapping
Sound Barrier Analysis
3D Impulse Responses / Reflection Directivity
Apparent Sound Transmission Class (ASTC)

Door Transmission Class (DTC)

Field Impact Insulation class (FIIC)
Apparent Transmission Loss (ATL)
Noise Criteria (NC)
Room Criteria (RC)
Reverberation Time (RT)
Sound Strength (G)
Time Weighted Noise Studies (LEQ)
Site Noise Measurements
Long Term Noise Monitoring
Vibration Measurements

Testing is performed and reported to the client in
accordance with accepted standards, including ASTM
E336, ASTM E2964, ASTM E966, ASTM E1007, ASTM
E413, ASTM E989, and/or appropriate ISO standards
as required.
Test Equipment / Software

- IRIS 3D impulse response system
- EASERA multichannel impulse response system
- Norsonic sound analyzer and vibration meters
- ACO Pacific interior and exterior all weather noise monitors (10 units)
- Realacoustix dodecahedron omni-directional source
- QSC subwoofers
- Dytran accelerometers
Acoustic and Noise Control Engineers